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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should you tell Heather about your situation, or animal before you book or before the appointment?


   GREAT QUESTION! Absolutely NOT! Why? Because if you leave Heather a detailed description of what you are wanting to ask your animal, what you think the answers may be, or describing him/her, then you don't give her a chance to do it! lol.

   Don't help Heather cheat! Let the apointment unfold naturally. Let it wow you and help show you that the connection is real!

   Heather also asks clients not to say too much about a subject during the reading. Definitely let her know if you understand something or not, but you are paying for her services. So use each minute wisely! She loves positive feedback! She'd love an email to hear about all the good stuff, just not when she's trying to serve you.

   People are so kind and friendly! They want to let her know if she's doing a good job. While this is an awesome boost for her, she feels guilty about paid time being wasted. 

2. What information does Heather need from you?


   She needs to know your animal friend's name, sex, species, and if it's alive or passed. You are more than welcome to email a photo, but it's not necessary.

   The animal does not need to be present. Heather does her readings remotely, so where the animal is has no bearing on the quality of the information that she receives.

3. How you can best prepare for and get the most information from your reading.

   If you have your questions ready beforehand, Heather can give you more information faster. Write some extra questions just in case, and prioritize 1-3 of them. She lets the animals have most of the control. She also understands that questions may evolve during the appointment. That's great, and natural. 

   Also, if you can put yourself in the most calming emotional state possible, that would help with the reading. Example, go for a walk or ride. Meditate, work out. Anything that gets you calm,and peaceful.

Doesn't Heather have to be with the animal to do a reading?

   Not at all. As a matter of fact, she gives a better reading when the animal isn't present because she is such a touchy feely person, that she'll want to cuddle and play with your fur/scaley baby! To do her best she has to calm herself down and manage her energy... you know, get into her zen space. You'll see her close her eyes and do deep breathing during the session. This helps her focus.

5. Do I have to have a Soul Level Lesson?

   If you've already learned your Soul Level Lesson with you animal friend and just want a traditional reading with him/her, you are welcome to do so. Just book it as you normally would, then let me know at the beginning of the appointment. Or, you can see if you have any more lessons with that animal. They often are working with you on multiple Lessons.

   If you really don't want to talk about your Soul Level Lesson with your fur baby, just let me know when we start, BUT I highly recommend it!

6. How can Heather help your animal?

So many ways! 

7. How can your fur baby help you?

   This is one of Heather's favorite parts of the reading!

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