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About Me!

If you've noticed a theme about my website by now, its that I like to joke and laugh.... A LOT!  You may sometimes think that I need to tone it down. Don't worry, I am very capable of being serious. As a matter of fact, I used to be WAY too serious, and still can be. I'm always working on "lightening up".

Unfortunately, the seriousness started as child. An all too common story about abuse, neglect, and constant fear. I won't talk about the details here, but I will talk about HOW MUCH MY ANIMALS SAVED MY LIFE. 

I was constantly alone as a child. Sometimes no humans around daily, besides school. It made me feel so down that I thought I'd die, and wanted to. Sometimes I was glad to be alone, because humans were so dangerous, BUT, I had my animal friends. They were everything that humans couldn't be for me. Don't get me wrong! There are some wonderful humans out there! I wouldn't do this work FOR humans if I had given up on them. There are so many nameless people that helped me have food, shelter, clothing, toys at Christmas! The list goes on, and I'll never be able to find each person that helped me to thank them.. but the daily support goes to ANIMALS. This is not an uncommon story either! which warms my heart to the core. I know you understand exactly what I mean, that's why you're here. 

I was in a constant state of stress and depression. I couldn't find adults that could help me with this. They wanted to, but just didn't know how. I always confided in my animals. I talked and cried to them. They never walked away, or told me to just get over it, and kissed my tears. Unfortunately, they also went hungry with me, and were cold with me, or were abused right along with me, while I was helpless to do anything. I put so much pressure on myself for their mistreatment. Blaming myself for everything, but a child has zero control or skill. As a young adult, I was a walking, wound up mess ready to snap. I had a baby on my hip and was homeless and on welfare. I never thought I'd be ONE OF THOOOSE PEOPLE. I thought I could break the cycle! I did, but, I just didn't realize that these cycles take time to break. I lost my cats when I became homeless and could never forgive myself. I kept that cycle of self hatred going for a VERY LONG TIME. I felt I didn't deserve my baby, my animals, success, or love.

Then I came across, Animal Communication. Finding out that I could do this made me face my fears of unworthiness, and still does, AND I LOVE IT! I always knew that they KNEW how I felt, BUT NOW I HAD PROOF! The way they turn the reading into an emotional healing event for their human is just more proof of what I already knew. They are so selfless.

   So, at 44 years old, I finally found out what I wanted to be "when I grow up". I want animals to be heard by the humans they love so much. I want humans to know how much they deserve the love of their animal friends. Most of all, I want to be the one that helps you both receive that! I'm your "Tool", use me!

Our Team

I couldn't have this AMAZING job if it weren't for my muttley crew!

Slim Tim

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Our Team
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