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Have you ever had a Spiritual Coach with a face like this?

Hey human, are you struggling with a problem in your life? Your animal, YES, YOUR ANIMAL CAN HELP YOU! Heather can help you with your animal, but your animal can also help you heal! Receive practical spiritual advice from the one you trust the most. It's called a Soul Level Lesson®.

   Hey everyone, Heather has decided to lower her prices due to the high cost of EVERYTHING, right now. The sad part about that is, she will have to PAWS her donations to local animal shelters. DON'T worry, there are many ways to hustle up donations! She'll get creative! Check out her social media once in a while if you're interested in helping pets in need at no cost to you!

   Heather wants her services to be affordable. SO, she'll keep this sale price until further notice. The next very time she does raise her prices, it will only go towards CHARITY. We're gonna be ok.


" I'm no guru, just the tool that helps the magic happen" 

Purchase a gift card for a loved one today!

Why do some people use my services? 

Let's get to the point! You are here because: (The lighter side)

  • Curiosity. Awesome! Let's play and ask your goldfish what the "meaning of life" is! Or, is she in need of a little romance?

  •  Your fur buddy is going through some ruff times. His joints are hurting and you want to know if his meds/ supplements/ acupuncture/ water therapy/ crystal grid/ or that Filipino shaman you had flown in, is helping.

  • You've spent a small fortune on the best quality cat food money can buy, while you eat boxed Mac and Cheese. Then WHY does she point her nose to the sky and then rip into the garbage can like an unloved street mongrel!

  • HELP! The turtles are fighting? They used to be besties, but now it's slow-mo carnage in here! For the love of PETEmoss!

Maybe it's more serious than that: (The heavy)

  • You've done all you can, but, it's just time. How can we give Buck a bit of happiness before he passes? He sure would love those apples he couldn't eat before! Or hang out in that pasture with the big shade tree and his favorite horse. Also, his pain killers are making him feel sick.

  • Your angel is now a real Angel. You still miss her dearly and want to know how she's doing. You swore you heard her singing yesterday, but the perch was empty. Was that just wishful thinking?

  • It's been 20 years and you're still so mad at yourself for not having enough money to pay for that expensive surgery for your best friend in the world. Your brain knows he doesn't care about that, but you still want to apologize and have some questions. Don't be afraid of the answers. You won't be judged by anyone here. Your friend would LOVE to reconnect with you. 


Marble Surface

Erin & Cairo

"I am so grateful for my experience with Heather!  There is no doubt in my mind that she was able to connect with both myself and my cat, Cairo.  After we shared laughs about his unicorn confidence, his goofy "look at me" attitude, I didn't expect to get emotional.  But to be able to hear why Cairo is with me in this lifetime, and to know that he feels my love as well, was so powerful.  Things were said that I definitely needed to hear.  Highly recommend Heather if you're looking to connect with your lil family member."

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Laura, Juno, Shebah & Jenny

“It is with immense pleasure that I recommend Animal Communicator Heather Tuller. I have consulted with Heather on multiple occasions with my 2 senior dogs and now with my newly adopted dog.

Heather has been an incredible gift to me and my dog family. She has amazed me on many occasions with the depth and detail of her communication abilities with my dogs and knowledge of things she couldn’t possibly know without direct communication with my dogs. I know from personal experience there are frauds in the animal communication world and I wholeheartedly assure you that Heather is not one of them.

Heather is very kind while maintaining consummate professionalism, a perfect balance. She gently reminds me not to give her too much information when I get too eager to talk about my wonderful dogs. She is completely dedicated to giving the most accurate, precise, and  detailed reading possible and always goes the extra mile to provide this.

In my opinion Heather doesn’t charge anywhere near the value of the service she provides. The scope of the information she is able to provide is so much broader than I ever imagined possible and has truly been a Godsend in helping me to honor and care for my dogs and deepen my understanding and bond with each of them. Those gifts are priceless and I now can’t even imagine navigating the journey without her. The knowledge and insight Heather provides give me great confidence, reassurance, and comfort in making choices and decisions for my dogs and strengthening my relationship with them. I very highly recommend her to all prospective clients.”

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Angie & Wups

"Heather did a 30 minute reading on my Thoroughbred gelding Wups. She did excellent conveying his personality, and amazed me at her ability to clearly define issues with his health history only known to myself. For example, Wups suffered from terrible ulcers when he retired from the track, that required medication to heal. Heather mentioned she kept feeling a "happy belly" feeling, but wasn't sure what that meant - I knew immediately that it was in regards to his ulcers! There were a few other items that I was surprised that she was able to identify as well. I highly recommend Heather to people who are wanting to get a better understanding of their pets. Her reading of Wups has enabled me to have a better connection with my horse in all aspects of our relationship. I will definitely be a return customer!"


   The 30 minute reading is great for a first time reading! It will give you time for 1 question with 1 animal and ...


   The 50 minute reading will give you time to ask up to 3 questions with 1 animal or 1 question each for 2 animals... 


   This is for those that have recently had a reading with Heather, and just want a bit more info....

DISCLAIMER: Heather is not a veterinarian. (Nor does she want to be!) She cannot give medical advice. You are most welcome to ask your animal. Just know they may refuse for various reasons. Hey, they have free will too. Heather chooses to respect that, AND her Veterinarians!
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